Found X-m2

Naomi Souwen (1988) and Willem Oudenhoven (1987) are a photographers couple from the Netherlands. They cover subjects that are both personal and universal. Based on their own experiences they started to work on subjects as housing shortage and urban space. They’re drawn to this subjects because they are amazed by the incredible power of adaptation of the people and flora and fauna that appear in the city.

Found X m2

Land ownership is thoroughly and inseparably connected to money and power. Naomi Souwen and Willem Oudenhoven shine a light on this universal topic from their personal situation. Together they live in 24 square meters (258 square ft.) in an attic without their own shower or toilet.

Land prices in Amsterdam are skyrocketing and living in the city is becoming unaffordable. In Found X m2 they project a model of their living space on empty lots throughout the city. How much bigger or smaller would it be, scaled to the local land prices?

By measuring the length of the weeds they determine how long a lot has been vacant. A meaningless undertaking highlighting the futility of unused space.

However, plants are thriving, and living small invites you to go out and explore the city.

Let’s Dance! That is the feeling of Found X m2.

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