Grand Tour

Watch online the trailer of Grand Tour – Naomi Souwen 2015

In the video-collage Grand Tour Souwen filmed nature in and around her hometown of Amsterdam. The film is recorded during the winter when nature is in its most silent and poetic state. While filming she went looking for moments in which she could enjoy nature the way children do, things like rolling down a hill. She mixed fragments shot in nature with images she took from the internet. Random images of nature like mountains, beaches and woods that she printed and used in her film. Looking at those pictures makes you longing to be in those places of paradise. Because we are used to see photo’s like that on the internet and television those places almost feel more realistic than the nature that surrounds us in our daily life. “After having seen so much of these beautiful places in magazines, adds and on television and internet I feel that what I have actually seen in real life and what I know from the media gets tangled up.” In Grand Tour Souwen wants to show this confusion by blending reality and reproduced images. The work questions if there is just one reality and how real your own experiences are. Are they not just a reproduction of things you have seen before?