More Than Meets The Eye

Secrets From The Projection Room

Artist-run initiative Space-Projects welcomes you to the project ‘Secrets from the Projection Room’ featuring work by artists Naomi Souwen(NL) and Ruth Legg(UK) in De Roode Bioscoop. Space-Projects initiates collaborations between artists and in doing so encourages them to experiment with new ways of making and presenting. For this event Souwen and Legg have both cho­sen to work with video, each focusing their lens on the work of another artist. While the result is two very different studies of the moving image, both artists share an interest in the way in which video shapes and directs meaning. Legg’s work focuses on sculpture, both in public space and in the gallery, considering the possibilities of viewing a 3dimensional artwork through the moving image. Legg will show the works A Sculpture (2015), Late Modernism (2015) & Isa Lying Down (2016). Souwen creates video works that frequently use still images. Her video installation, More Than Meets the Eye, shows a close up of her own hands guiding the hands of a nearly blind artist. We see his hands replace his eyes as the primary sense as they take in and express information. The impossibility of being able to see beyond the frame, means that like the artist himself, we the viewer must fill in for ourselves what can not be seen. Both artists explore how what might be seen as a restriction, either within the video format or near blindness, could instead be considered as a form of translation, which in turn opens up space for new possibilities.

Artwork poster by Edouard J Philippe

Secrets of the projection room